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New remote-installation to Utö, summer 2014

Last summer 2013 we had a remote-FM-DX-installation in Jurmo-island (Remote FM-DX-Jurmo). For the summer 2014 we found new place from Utö-island and had a chance to come back to this most distant SW lived island (Utö). Utö has size about 1 km x 1,5 km with 40 inhabitants.

The DX-QTH is now in Disa's house in the middle of the island. Disa is a kind lady who makes original handcrafts in Utö under brand Ljusan. She is original Utö-inhabitant and her ancestors were sea-pilots in the seventh generation!
We have our equipment in the cellar of the house and two antennas on the roof. The installation took the whole time available, Saturday 17th 2014, from the early morning till late night. The ferry to the continent leaves on Sunday morning so there were a limited time available.

The installed system works like this:

- We open the computers by phoning to GSM-relay-controller (PG, Probyte Oy) connected to Nokia 3310. We can also earth antennas with it (protect from lightning).
- Computers are connected to internet by Sonera 3G-sticks (gives good data-transfer values). 
- Receivers are Perseus FM+ (2 TB hard-disks for recording)
- Antenna (H or V) can be choosed by Denkovi-relaycards which controls antenna-relays
- Antenna-direction can be choosed by PC with ARS-USB connected to Yaesu G-1000C-controller
- Computers are controlled by LogMeIn and Teamviewer-softwares.
- We can take system out of electricity by SMS-message with GSM-electric-device (TUTA).
- Two 8-element yagis (10 m high  horizontal and  8 m high vertical) on the roof  connected to Triax FM 88108-amplifiers

Some photos of the installation. Click for better view:

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